Now accepting reservations for the first production units of the PPS

    The PPS is currently NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE, but will be launched toward the end of 2017. In this pre-launch phase, we are accepting reservations for the first production units. As there is sure to be a backlog of orders, you can increase your chances of getting one of these limited-quantity units by putting your name on the list.

    Best of all, no payment is required to make a reservation!

    Fill out the from below to get on the list.

    The Fine Print

    This is how the PPS reservations work, please read carefully.

    • The reservation period starts on Monday, July 25th at the Vertical Power booth at AirVenture. Reservations can be made during regular exhibition hours. Online reservations start on Thursday, July 27th at 10am Central Time.
    • NO PAYMENT will be necessary to make a reservation.
    • A reservation entitles the holder an opportunity to purchase one of the first production units. Quantities are limited. A reservation does not guarantee the availability of a unit to purchase. Reservations have no monetary value and are not transferrable. 
    • Astronics Ballard Technology reserves the right to close reservations at any time.;
    • The PPS will only be available to purchase through designated resellers, exceptions may be made in certain circumstances.;
    • When the PPS is officially offered for sale, individuals on the list will be notified and given a deadline no less than 10 working days to make their purchase. Those not making a purchase within the time frame will lose their reservation and it will be offered to the next person on the list.;
    • Please note that by signing up for a PPS reservation, you are giving Astronics Ballard Technology permission to keep you updated by email, which will include a subscription to our newsletter. You can opt-out at any time by following the instructions in the email footer.