OEMs Trust Vertical Power

    Aircraft OEMs trust Vertical Power to provide the highest level of reliability and features for their buyers. With Vertical Power,
    they know their customers will enjoy higher satisfaction and fewer problems than traditional systems.

    Progressive Aerodyne is a great example of an LSA manufacturer designing the VP-X into their aircraft. Progressive in the maker of the Searey amphibious airplane and has been a long time user of the VP-X Sport model...

    Samson Motors is the maker of the Switchblade flying sports car. The Switchblade is a three-wheeled, fully enclosed vehicle that you drive from your garage to a local airport. Once there, you swing the wings out and fly directly to your destination at up to 200 mph, at altitudes to 10,000 feet. You simply land and swing the wings closed, continuing on wherever you want to go.