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Astronics acquires Vertical Power ECB Product Line. Read More.

Vertical Power sponsors 2013 AirVenture Cup Race. Read More.

Progressive Aerodyne, Inc. chooses Vertical Power VP-X for Searey LSA aircraft. Read More.

World Aircraft chooses Vertical Power VP-X for Vision LT and Spirit LT LSA aircraft. Read More.

SportairUSA chooses Vertical Power VP-X for Sting and Sirius Light LSA aircraft. Read More.

Terrafugia, Inc. chooses Vertical Power VP-X for Transition® Development Vehicles. Read More.

Corbi Air chooses Vertical Power VP-X for Alto LSA. Read More.

Garmin announces VP-X and VP-200 integration. Read More.

Vertical Power Licenses Patented HID Pulsing Algorithm from XeVision. Read More.



Reno Race 30

The Vertical Power VP-X Electronic Circuit Breaker System is a vital part of one of the fastest race planes on the circuit this year! We are proud to sponsor Andrew Findlay’s Race 30 at the 2014 National Championship Air Races in Reno. Andy, flying the beautiful Lancair Super Legacy with a fire breathing engine up front, has his sights set on breaking the course speed record in the Sport Gold class this year.
Join us in Reno in September for this exciting event.


Be sure to visit us at these shows listed below. We’ll be there to demo and answer questions.

 2017 Show Schedule
Sebring Sport Aviation Expo
Sebring, Florida
January 25th – January 29th
Sun n Fun
Lakeland, Florida
April 4th – April 9th
US Flight Expo
Marana, Arizona
May 4th – May 6th
EAA AirVenture
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
July 24th – July 30th

Vertical Power in the News

August 2013 issue of Kitplanes magazine features the VP-200 in a Lancair ES. Click here to read the article.

June 2013 issue of Avionics News magazine describes Vertical Power electronic circuit breakers. Click here to read the article.

June 2011 issue of Kitplanes featured Vertical Power and EFIS integration.
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June 2011 issue of Kitplanes. Is your EFIS integrated with Vertical Power?
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April 2011 issue of Sport Aviation. Read about Dynon SkyView and Vertical Power integration. Click here to read the article.

July 2010 issue of Sport Aviation featured the new VP-X.
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May 2010 issue of Kitplanes featured the new VP-X.
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March 2009 issue of Kitplanes featured SteinAir talking about Vertical Power and engine monitors. Click here to read the article.

September 2008 issue of Flying Magazine featured Vertical Power.
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August 2008 issue of SportPilot has a short write-up on our Climate control system interface. Click here to read the article.

July 2008 issue of AOPA Pilot magazine featured Vertical Power. Click here to read the article or click here to listen to the audio interview with Marc Ausman, President of Vertical Power (13:39 minutes, AOPA membership required).

July 2008 issue of Aviation Consumer profiled Vertical Power.
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May 2008 issue of Kitplanes featured SteinAir talking about Vertical Power and electrical systems. Click here to read the article.

December 2007 issue of Sport Aviation featured Vertical Power.
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October 2007 issue of AOPA Pilot featured Vertical Power as “Oshkosh’s best demos 2007”. Click here to read the article.

September 2007 issue of Kitplanes featured Vertical Power.
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March 2007 issue of Kitplanes featured Vertical Power.
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Read What People are Saying about Vertical Power

“FWIW, the Vimeo video you did of the backbone wiring and demonstrating a couple of circuits did a whole lot for my comfort level when I did that wiring. Really, a very basic video but just packed with good info.” RV Builder

“Thank you for answering all of my questions. Never wired anything before. Your system helped make it possible.” RV-7 Builder

“I am really liking the VP-X. It makes it much easier to wire my RV-7. Very good product.” RV-7 Builder

“I’m brand new at this and I’m not an electrical guru at all… I’ve read through the installation manual a couple of times, trying to learn and get on top of all of this. The more I learn, the more excited I get about my VP-X system, and the more impressed I am! Thank you for building such a great product.” RV-7A Builder

“Can’t speak highly enough about VP-X, if you are installing glass it is the perfect compliment.” RV-10 Builder

“With the flap position sensor, the VP-X can do all sorts of tricks. The one touch/multi position feature is cool, the one touch retract is cool, the slow speed on go-around feature is cool, the inhibit above flap speed feature is cool, for the RV-10 the reflex position feature is cool…. The VP-X is just plain cool!” RV-7 Builder

“I have to say, I’ve never experienced a faster response and a more helpful attitude than yours. I would definitely buy from you again and would recommend that others do too – IN A HEARTBEAT. Thank you so very much.” RV Builder

“In my opinion, your power management system is one of the best advances in the light aircraft arena in years, and that’s why I chose it.” RV-10 Builder

“Thank you for a good product. Makes wiring much simpler.” RV-7 Builder

“I’m impressed with your product & your customer service.” RV-8 Builder

“I’ve installed the VP-X Pro and I’m extremely happy with it. It dramatically simplifies wiring and more importantly makes changes far easier.” RV-7 Builder

“Love my VP-X Pro so far!” RV-7 Builder

“Even Boeing is using electronic breakers in the 787. Becoming more main stream. Much easier to use.” RV-9A Builder

“I went with the VP-X in my RV12 EAB and would do it again.” RV-12 Builder

“This is the only aircraft I’ve wired but it seems quite a bit easier for a rookie than the traditional way. Especially the trim wires.” RV-7A Builder

“Thank you for the quick answer, by the way the product is fabulous!!” RV Builder

“Once again thank you for all your help, I am so new to the wiring side of things and I have found your software and service an amazing tool.” RV-9A Builder

“I gotta tell you when I first saw those Vertical Power boxes on your website I thought they were a solution looking for a problem. But having delved into it a bit I can see it’s a HUGE step forward in a plane. There are about a dozen good reasons to go with it and not one downside, including cost because I think overall it’s a money saver.” RV Builder

“Everything works *exactly* as advertised, right down to the landing light wig-wag at the programmed airspeed. What a brilliant device this is.” RV Builder

“I am blown away by the VP-X it’s awesome!!” RV Builder

“I have the Vertical Power VP-200 system in my RV-8 and love it. I wouldn’t build another homebuilt without one.” Matt Dralle, RV-8

“I second Matt on the VP-200, it has made it significantly easier, and let me tell you that the wiring design and implementation was the hardest piece for me. I would not build my plane any other way, at first I thought the cost was too high but the more I have designed it the more features I find the VP does for me that would have cost extra without it. It makes it well worth the difference of old school versus the solid state.” Pascal, RV-10

“I’ve installed the VP-50 because I don’t have the fancy, schmancy EFIS that you need for the VP-X. I love this system. I guess the VP-X is even better. The other day I added wig-wag capability to the plane. I didn’t need to do any more wiring, or buy any wig-waggy equipment. I just needed to do a software upgrade ( a free upgrade). The biggest thing I like about VP-50 is I have a TON of panel space available because I don’t have a lot of it set aside for circuit breakers and switches.” Bob Collins, RV-7A

“I am hugely satisfied with the whole VP technology, and I thank you for your creativity in designing it (and continuing to improve it), as well as the industry to bring it to market.” Mike Coster, RV-7 builder

“Your system just keeps making my life easier and easier.” RV-10 builder

“The VP-50 continues to operate flawlessly!” Marvin Williams, Jabiru 250

“The new unit has been fitted and is working perfectly.” Mark Castle-Smith, RV-7

“It works exactly like it’s supposed to.” Mark Cattell, RV-7

“The VP-200 is working as advertised and I am becoming a believer. Have made several long trips and it has worked flawlessly”. Ron Harnish, 30,000 hr airline pilot, RV-10

“While on the subject of avionics I kicked myself twice every day, once for not putting a Vertical Power system in my RV-10 and once for not putting a Vertical Power system in my 8A.” RV Builder

“Thanks for the info. It is exactly what I was looking for. This has been the experience that I have had with your company as a whole.” RV-10 Builder

“I’m quite certain that the Vertical Power products perform as advertised are well thought out and there are no safety issues.” Bob Nuckolls Aeroelectric, August 19th, 2008

“VP-50 performing great as always. I love the flexibility and ease of changing parameters. It seems I am always doing something different with wiring/equipment and it makes it a breeze to adapt the electrical system to my changes.” Tom Velvick, RV-4

“The potential is staggering.” Marc Cook, Editor, Kitplanes Magazine. Read More

“The next important advancement in general aviation.” Gordon Pratt, Founder, Chelton Flight Systems

“Panel planning is so much easier and cleaner. And it costs less than you think.” Stein Bruch, Owner, SteinAir

“Bringing electrical systems into the 21st century.” Gary Wirrell, Owner, Aerotronics

“The voice alerts tell me about both engine and electrical problems.” John Nystrom, RV-7A and former US Air Force pilot

“Makes adding or changing things *way* easier.” Alan Adamson, Lancair Legacy builder

“Thanks for the quick responses, your customer service is the best I have gotten in a long time.” RV Builder

“The greatest potential may be in handling emergencies.” Bob Collins, RV Builder’s Hotline

“You should be proud of your achievements; Vertical Power is one of the most innovative companies in aviation.” RV-9A Builder

“It cuts down the wiring time by at least half.” Jesse Saint, RV-10 builder

“Congratulations for this new equipment that bring a safe guard to our fly.” RV Builder, Brazil

“Cool stuff. Really cool stuff!” RV Pilot, WA State

“Wow! I never cease to be amazed at what we can do with electronics now.” Aeronautical engineer.

“It looks like a revolutionary and safety add on…” Lancair Builder

“I have to say that little red VP-X box might be my favorite thing I put in (or behind) my panel.” RV-7A Builder