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    Electrical System

    Description VP-X Pro VP-X Sport
    Electronic circuit breakers used throughout
    Panel switch inputs to turn devices on/off
    (6 more for trim and flaps)
    10 10
    Solid-state short circuit protection
    Over-current protection for each circuit
    (fully configurable)
    User re-settable circuit protection On EFIS On EFIS
    Open-circuit detection (detects burned out landing light, inop boost pump, etc.)
    Status (on, off, fault) of each electrical device On EFIS On EFIS
    Display of real-time current draw per circuit On EFIS On EFIS
    Display of overall aircraft current draw On EFIS On EFIS
    Low-voltage alarm On EFIS On EFIS
    Over-voltage alert
    Over-voltage protection
    and automatic alternator shut-off
    Single alternator support
    Dual alternator support
    Supports internally-regulated alternators
    Supports externally-regulated alternators
    (voltage regulator must be used)
    Supports B&C and Plane Power alternators
    Supports single battery electrical system configuration
    Graphical display of electrical system and status of components
    Backups for critical avionics
    Switched power circuits (1A to 15A capacity) 31 23
    Dual internal electrical banks per power distribution unit
    Aux battery voltage display