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    Features at a Glance

    Description VP-X Pro VP-X Sport
    Processors 2 1
    Power supplies 2 1
    Volts 14V or 28V 14V
    Total switched power circuits 31 23
         15A circuits* 3 3
         10A circuits* 8 7
         5A circuits* 15 8
         3A circuits* 1 1
         2A circuits* 2 2
         1A circuits (trim circuits) 2 2
    Starter contactor circuit
    Starter annunciator
    Pitch trim motor controller
    Roll trim motor controller
    Reversible flap motor control with braking
    Flap and trim position sensor inputs
    Switch inputs: Panel/Flap & trim 10/6 10/6
    Aux battery voltage measurement
    Main power input from PPS or battery contactor
    RS-232 interface to EFIS
    Ethernet interface to PC
    *Circuit breaker value can be set anywhere between 1 amp and the maximum value shown.