Builders Love Vertical Power

    Builders and buyers of experimental and light-sport aircraft love Vertical Power. They say ease of installation and the ability to monitor
    the health of their electrical system are big factors in their decision to install Vertical Power.

    Meet Don Johnston and his Velocity XL-RG, with a 310HP Continental IO550

    Don Johnston began building his Velocity XL-RG in January 2008. As part of the build, he installed the Vertical Power VP-X Pro to provide nearly all the electrical service. Don obtained his Airworthiness Certificate in June 2015 and completed the first flight on July 7, 2015.

    There are only two traditional circuit breakers. A 25 amp circuit breaker for the hydraulic pump which drives the retractable landing gear and a 5 amp breaker for the electric fuel pump as a backup power source to the VP-X. The backup breaker has never been needed to date.

    "As a result of using the VP-X Pro, the instrument panel is almost spartan compared to an aircraft using traditional circuit breakers," says Don. "Additionally, it made implementing the B&C SD20 backup alternator almost embarrassingly easy."

    The other major benefit to using the VP-X is making changes. Don decided after about a year of flying that some of the switch positions needed to be swapped. With the VP-X, it took him a grand total of 60 seconds to reprogram the switches. Which was a lot less time than it took to get the new labels applied to the switches!