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    Progressive Aerodyne

    Progressive Aerodyne is a great example of an LSA manufacturer designing the VP-X into their aircraft. Progressive in the maker of the Searey amphibious airplane and has been a long time user of the VP-X Sport model. We are proud to be partners with them for their electrical system needs.

    Progressive Aerodyne was founded in 1991 by Kerry Richter and his business partners, Wayne Richter and Paige Lynette. With a long family history of building ultralight amphibious aircrafts, the company took the opportunity to create a new amphibious aircraft design and named it the Searey. Thus, the Searey took form and began flying in November 1992. 

    Check Progressive Aerodyne out at http://www.searey.com/ for more information on this unique and fun airplane that you can buy or build!

    A line of Searey amphibious aircraft