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    Aircraft OEMs trust Vertical Power to provide the highest level of reliability and features for their buyers. With Vertical Power,
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    BLACKWING is today's most advanced Ultralight (Europe's LSA category) built in Sweden, Eslöv with RedDot Award 2016, best of the best Flieger award 2016 The Next Gen airframe combines convenient side by side built of full prepreg carbon airframe is the lightest and strongest in its class.


    The BLACKWING 600RG is an 472,5 to 600 Kg (1,041 to 1323lb) airplane with retractable gear, constant speed propeller, and is equipped with a Garmin system as dual-screen G3X Touch with Autopilot so you can enjoy your flight from slow 38 kt to 180 kt VNE. With an ultimate loading of +4.4/-2.2 (Airframe test +12/-8G) and a spin recovery tailplane design, BLACKWING offers a lot of safety. Engine options from Rotax 912iS 100HP to Rotax 915iS 142HP and in a future possibility of glider towing. With VP-X Pro, BLACKWING will have a nice clean looking panel and full control of all equipment.

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